I purchased a Dutch Housing home in 2001 & the reprsentative I went thru (Jones & Jones Custom Homes) did NOT sell me what they were supposed to & I complained to Dutch Housing & they could care less!! I paid extra $$ for "Delux Trim" I did NOT get, I paid extra $$ for drywall repair that wasn't done & the list goes on & on.

Mr. Jones would NOT give me a contract but claimed he did & no one wants to do anything for me on it without the contract either so nothing gets done. Dutch Housing puts it on the dealer you go thru & they don't want to do anything either, no one wants to. I would say do NOT buy 1 of these cheap yet expensive (of course meaning made cheap but charging you an outrageous price) houses, everything they put on it is so cheap it's ridiculous!!

The "Delux Trim" I paid extra for is a piece of ugly fake wood with coating on it that falls off when you vacuum near it much less try to wipe/clean it off & again the list goes on & on. And anything you have go wrong you need to replace you can't just easily do at the local store it all requires "special" stuff & nothing seems to fit right regardless.

Do I intend to ever go this route again.....NO WAY!!!! I hope I've learned my lesson!

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